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1. Increase cash flow by maximizing and accelerating depreciation deductions.

2. Defer income taxes.

3. Reduce annual real estate taxes.

4. Reduce monthly sales/use tax cost.

5. Maximize tax deferrals.

6. Reclassify capital expenditures, thereby maximizing their depreciation.

7. Increase net present value of tax savings.

8. Qualify personal property or land improvements for depreciation.

9. Accelerate depreciation deductions when an asset becomes obsolete or destroyed.

10. Reclassify building costs as personal property and exterior site improvements that qualify for faster depreciation.

11. Recognize all catch-up depreciation in the first year’s amended tax return.

12. Identify building components subject to reduced insurance coverage and expense.

13. Identify non-value added cost based on local or state tax codes. Remove these costs from property tax bases.

14. Reduce transfer tax prior to filing closing documents by identifying intellectual property and personal property.

15. Provide a complete audit trail supporting the reclassification of assets according to IRS guidelines.

16. Reduce estate taxes.