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Cost Segregation

Quantum Engineering Associates Inc (QEA) is a national firm offering Cost Segregation services to both a regional and national cliental. QEA's Cost Segregation Services (CSS) utilize an engineering and architectural approach designed to identify and maxmize federal depreciation deductions for tax purposes. The company has gained significant expertise in performing cost segregation studies and their dedication to a national cost segregation practice combined with a commitment to compliance and industry research enables QEA to continue leading the field in IRS accepted studies.

QEA's unique blend of engineers and architects allows the company to better identify and classify building elements in order to maxmize the tax benefits of a Cost Segregation Study. This team approach gives QEA the ability to best provide the detailed reports as mandated by the IRS.

QEA's audit support policy is to defend their Cost Segregation Studies in the unlikely event of an IRS examination. The company helps their clients respond to IRS Information Document Requests ("IDRs") pertaining to a Cost Segregation Study at no additonal charge.

Our Process

Our cost segregation specialists perform a non-intrusive yet detailed engineering study of a building's walls, flooring and ceiling, plumbing, electrical, lighting, telecommunications, heating, and cooling systems.

For maximum benefit, our cost segregation professionals conduct site visits and work from building plans and cost documents. Having the plans makes the facility walkthrough more productive in indentifying the maximum number of building elements that can be placed into short-term depreciable categories.

Our accounting team will then research Tax Court Rulings, Revenue Rulings, and Revenue Procedures to establish the accelerated depreciable lives for reclassified and accelerated assets. Finally, full documentation, savings and completed depreciation schedules are then prepared and presented to you and your client for submission to the IRS. Our analysis will identify overlooked costs that may be segregated for accelerated depreciation.