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Should you use QEA?

Quantum Engineering Associates Inc (QEA) is one of the nation's first providers of engineering-based cost segregation services that utilizes extensive Architectural experience to maximize benefits. We are Engineering and Architectural professionals working together to provide a more detailed building analysis.

Our reports are the industry standard.
  • We use detailed engineering approach inclusive of 39 year property.
  • Our reports will withstand IRS scrutiny and conform to the highest standards and guidelines established by the IRS.
We provide unmatched service and delivery times.
  • We meet our scheduled delivery times.
Our team is highly qualified and follows IRS guidelines.
  • The IRS Cost Segregation Audit Techniques Guide states that "a quality study will identify the preparer and always references his/her credentials, experience, and expertise in the cost segregation area";
  • Our technical staff is comprised of professional engineers (P.E.s), multi-disciplinary engineers, architects, and construction professionals with relevant cost segregation experience;
  • We have CPA relationships with extensive cost segregation experience to support our technical team and clients.
We review every project to ensure accuracy and provide audit defense.
  • In the event of an audit we defend our work at no additional charge.