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Benchmark Questions/General Information

(Please print and fax to 561-733-7900)

By answering the following questions, QEA can quickly determine both your estimated tax savings and the cost of your real estate cost segregation study.

Company/Firm Name/Address:_____________________________________

Contact Name & Phone:__________________________________________

Email: ________________________ & Fax: _________________________

1. Cost of building (excluding land cost): ________________

2. Placed in service date [purchase date] or expected date of completion [certificate of occupancy date: c/o]: ___________________________

3. If purchased, can you provide a 1) closing statement and does an 2) appraisal report exist? 1) YES ___ NO ___ & 2)YES ____NO ____

4. Type of building (office, restaurant, warehouse, medical, apartments, etc.): _______________________________________________

5. Industry type (nature of business activity at facility - retail, office, mfg.): _______________________________________

6. Company ownership structure (C or S corp., LLC, etc.): _____________

7. Can you provide a copy of tax depreciation taken to date for structure: Yes _____ No ______

8. Do you plan on holding building for 2 to 5 years: YES ____NO _____

9. Approximate square footage of building: ____________________

10. Number of floors: _________ & Number of Tenants/Units: __________

11. Is building free standing? YES NO If not, denote if located on city block or out-parcel or in a strip center and/or mall: __________________

12. Location of building (City, State):

13. Were any improvements made to building? YES ____NO _____ If yes, what month /yr /and the estimated and/or actual cost of improvements?: __________________________________________________________

14. Any unique features of the facility? YES ____ NO ______ If YES, please explain: _______________________________________

15. Is there more than one building on the property? YES ____NO ____ If yes, how many? _________________________

16. Do blueprints, site plan and/or survey and construction records (AIA documents) exist for each facility? YES ____NO ____If not can they be obtained by another source? YES ____ NO ______

17. What are the effective Federal and State tax rates for the entity owning the real estate? Federal: ________ State: __________

18. Are you currently paying income tax? YES _____ NO ______

Please fax the answers to these questions to:

Fax to: 561-733-7900 ATTN: Tom Flynn
Tel: 800-969-9391
Cell: 561-309-7425