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Additional Services

In Partnership with CPA Firms and Enrolled Agents

The IRS implicitly states that accountants should not attempt to perform Cost Segregation services without the help of a qualified Cost Segregation engineer who is versed in the Federal Tax Code.

Due to the complexity of a Cost Segregation study, QEA partners with CPA firms and enrolled agents to assist their clients in preparing Cost Segregation reports. We have a thorough understanding of the IRS Audit Procedure Guidelines and our services are unmatched in the industry.

Pre-Construction Consultation

If you are planning to construct a facility, we can assist you by meeting with the contractor and providing a template outlining the cost information needed to perform an efficient and effective Cost Segregation study. Informing your contractor up-front that you are undertaking a Cost Segregation study will maximize your tax benefit. QEA will educate your contractor about the level of detail necessary to complete a study. We will identify elements of the building that can be designed to qualify for accelerated depreciation.

Pre-Construction Approach:
  1. Review conceptual drawings.
  2. Discuss design ideas.
  3. Introduce alternative applications.
  4. Conduct final review.

Audit Support

Our audit support policy to defend QEA's Cost Segregation studies, in the unlikely event of an IRS examination, is among the best in the industry. We help our clients respond to IRS Information Document Requests pertaining to our Cost Segregation studies at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE to ensure a successful audit defense.

If another firm performed your Cost Segregation study and you do not have sufficient audit support from them, QEA can help if you have been selected for an IRS audit. We can also provide support if you are audited and another firm did not perform an engineering-based Cost Segregation study.

Our professionals have the experience and knowledge to assist you on a consulting basis. Although there can be no guarantees of a successful audit defense if the supporting records are not available and the methodologies employed do not meet the strict IRS requirements, QEA would be pleased to discuss your circumstances and outline a plan for an appropriate audit defense.

Schematic Plan Drafting Service

QEA can provide plans of an existing building if necessary. The added benefits of having a floor plan of your facility include the following:
  • Facility Managment
  • Evacuation Plans
  • Space Planning
  • Renovation and Addition Planning